Sunday, 13 January 2013

Milk Packaging

Ducats Milk Packaging 
Mountain Milk by Anders Drag                                                                              80's Milk cartons by Ducats via Aisleone

 I don't really like milk but I might be persuaded round to it a bit more if I could get my hands on these amazing packaging designs. From vintage glass bottles, to eighties colourful cartons, student projects, design studio promotions and minimalist typographic interpretations, the white stuff is calling me!

Lucky Layla Farms  
Lucky Layla's Farm by Jay Ressler (Student Project)

Shatto Milk Company by Sullivan, Higdon & Sink                                              Forest Milk by Hinomoto Design

mlk by depot wpf via lovelypackage
Schroeder Milk by Capsule                                                                               Vintage Bottles via Mrs Eliot Books

100x100 by Adrian Froufe (Student project)                               Milk Carton Postcards Project via designworklife

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