Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Gazing into the night sky, into blackness to find your favourite constellations brings such wonderment and contentment, awareness and enjoyment. We are all on a planet, a huge ball of rock in a galaxy and cosmos so huge, we are not alone, each of the stars and planets is in this with us. The constellations I see the most in the Northern Hemisphere in the UK are (and that I can easily recognise) are Ursa Major & Orion. I love how they change one night Ursa Major might appear as a question mark? questioning me from up high and the next he's a horizontal saucepan on the stove.

I noticed last night that the light is getting longer in the evenings, which is a good thing as winter drags on but it also means less time for stargazing. This universe of ours is full of opposing forces working against each other and working together at the same time, without one the other couldn't exist and we wouldn't be here...

Also have you seen that the Mars Curiosity Rover is on twitter it's fab! amazing pictures of Mars straight to your feed, like this one.


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