Monday, 28 September 2009

Cooking Illustrations

Take inspiration from food, veg, fish illustrations in cook books. Now I've started doing more illustrations, I need to get serious, I can do this, believe in yourself you're the only one who can, and the only one who can achieve it.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Sometimes the great outdoors can free you
othertimes it can suffocate you.

Magic Numbers Album Artwork Competition Cont'd

6 more designs for Magic Numbers Competition? Can't decide, too many options, not enough instinct, gut feeling? (the last one).

Picture Diary

Starting a series of picture diaries (only on days when I remember or can fill a page) what I did that day, what I ate, what happenned. A Monthly diary and A review of the year will be goals for this project.
Can't decide whether to colour whole thing or just certain aspects, or not at all?


Series of animal drawings done mostly from National Geographic photos. Still in the A's ended with the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna! Starting to put them in situations, environments, hence the trapped tuna, which is actually trapped in a sketch of an Eva Rothschild sculpture I saw at Tate Liverpool!

Clouds & Waves

Natural forms, waves, lines, curves, black and white or full on colour.

Album Artwork

The Seas, Magic Numbers and Avett Brothers album artwork for fun and the Tree Magic Numbers Artwork for a competition entry. Thinking I prefer the 4 Images mirrored Magic Numbers than the one I gave in. I think I'll enter again, maybe with a different colour way?! Too many choices, decisions, paths to take; Make a decision and give 100% towards it, there is no other way!

See here for other entries. Competition closes on 16th October 2009.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fruit & Veg

Fruit & Veg:- colour, form, shape, line, texture, healthy and delicious. What more could you want?

Carrot, Spinach, potatoes, raspberry (courtesy of Rachel, ta!) and herbs for a stone paintings project for labelling fruit and veg in a garden.