Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Music, Music, Music for 2013

-Bahamas 'Lost in the Light'

New Year's are great, things are the same yet there's the hope of a whole new year to come... Here's some music, some new some just discovered, that will be on repeat around here for 2013:-

If you can't get enough of Bahamas (the music that is at least) then check out this beautiful video of what he does for 'Sunday Dinner' in Ontario.

-Roddy Woomble 'Making Myths'

-Andrew Combs 'Worried Man'

-Field Report 'Taking Alcatraz'

-Kiki Pau 'Daniel Fulano'

-Rosemary Clooney 'Come On-A My House'

-Three Blind Wolves 'Parade

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