Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Illustration: Cat Interior


Reunited with my panda cat, so here he is in a quick interior sketch of him enjoying the sofa.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sport Posters for Transcend


 A while ago I created a poster on OJ's bronco chase for Creative Action Network & Bleacher Report's new project "Transcend: Moments in Sport that Changed the Game". You can get a print of it on Creative Action Network
 I also created a poster of the Battle of the Sexes match as I'm a big tennis fan & Billie Jean King is a legend! You can also get a print of it here on Creative Action Network. I love this time of year with the end of the clay & grass court season, so much great tennis to enjoy; first the French Open then Queens, Eastbourne & Wimbledon yay!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Illustration: Flying


I'm flying up to Scotland tomorrow, hope there's no turbulence and it's not too cloudy so I can get to see patchwork fields from the air.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Custom Embroidered Book Bags

After first creating my Haruki Murakami Book Stack Bag for my etsy shop I started creating Custom Book Stack Tote Bags where you can choose your own 6 books/Authors. Here's a look at a few of the embroidered book bags I've been creating over the last few months. . .


I love seeing what books people choose and I get to add even more great books and authors to my to-read-list!

I got to embroider my favourite trilogy 'His Dark Materials', must reread it this year as it is 20 years since it was written! (love these scholastic special editions)

Here's me with my original Haruki Murakami Bag out in the garden.

I also did a special 7 book version for my sister, a huge Harry Potter fan! 

and here's one I did of 6 Neil Gaiman books out in the wilds of a library!

What books would you choose on yours?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday Illustration: Nepal Earthquakes


2 weeks ago a hugely devastating 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, thousands were killed, even more displaced, homeless and scared and now what happens this week, another earthquake at a scale of 7.3. The world is so cruel and unfair a lot of the time, but a natural disaster hitting a 3rd world country who are already struggling twice in as many weeks is so heartbreaking. So go here to donate to the DEC Appeal or Oxfam Appeal

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

London Art Trip: Spring 2015

A few weeks ago I went to London for a quick art trip to see some exhibitions....,f_auto,w_1200/aej5nzm46a5kwvobxtd3.jpg
I arrived at the Royal Academy in the afternoon a bit before my pre-booked time so I went and saw the small free exhibition An Abiding Standard: The Prints of Stanley Anderson I liked his portraits the best.,f_auto,w_1200/z8elixmsiyodznh6vwql.jpg
and then it was upstairs to see the main event Richard Diebenkorn.

Book now: 'a joy from start to finish'

I then stayed at my sister's in South London, the next morning I went to the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the Eric Ravilious show, it was fab, I went at opening time, 10am and it was already getting busy, thanks to lots of good write ups in papers and there 'what to do' guides!

It was beautifully quiet, his subjects, compositions, colours and brushwork are so full of life and detail. 

I loved the planes in winter, where the men are brushing off the snow off the wings, his use of negative space, using the white of the paper is so light, so clever.

Then I was going to see Marlene Dumas at Tate Modern before my afternoon train, but didn't have time so I went to see the small free Sheila Hicks exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, fiber art goodness.

I'm already planning my next trip... I want to see Carsten Holler's Decision at the Hayward to try out his slides, Sonia Delaunay & Agnes Martin at Tate Modern, Joseph Cornell at the RA and I'm also planning to pop over to Liverpool to see the Jackson Pollack at Tate Liverpool.

What art do you want to see?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday Illustration: Election

Staying up on election night waiting for the counts to be completed and the results to be announced is always pretty exciting, whatever happens it’s all history in the making. After voting day (though I voted a week ago by post!) you realise how every person has a voice and every vote counts. Here’s to a long night of results and maybe? waking up to a definite result.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Playlist: Eurovision


What do you think of when May comes around? why EUROVISION of course! and as the finals are not until 23rd May, I thought why not enjoy some favourites from the epic song contest this month in to get ready for the big night (or nights if you tune in to the semis). It's not just cheesy craziness (but that's what we love right?) there's also plenty of classic ballads and good songs too! (also did you see Eurovision's Greatest Hits with Graham Norton & Petra Mede? Bobbysocks!)

Thank You Europe!
(and Australia as they are competing this year for the contests 60th anniversary and not forgetting the rest of the world who tune in!)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday Illustration: Sleeping


Trying to sleep in a new flat with fluctuating British weather of hot summery weather one day, to hail & snow the next. Getting the temperature just right, needs some adjusting with hot feet outside the duvet and then ducking back under when it's freezing again with multiple blankets.