Monday, 14 October 2013

Summer on Skye: Misc

Here's a few last pictures from my Summer trip on Skye that didn't get posts of their own. From the mountanious Blaven, to the Isle of Skye Pipe Band, Waterfalls, Standing Stones, Beaches and Church Ruins and a yummy lunch!

Blaven {the weather dampened our efforts to get anywhere near the top!}

Standing Stone above Uig Bay

Uig Bay

Tidal Beach

Church Ruin and graveyard {reminded me of Harry Potter's first meeting with 'He who must not be named'}

Kilt Rock Waterfall & The River Rha Waterfall

Yummiest and most beautiful lunch with crowdie cheese!

Isle of Skye Pipe Band in Portree Square after the Highland Games

and here's a lil video of them in action:-

Thanks Skye for a great Summer see you again soon!
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Typographic Quote Series


I've just finished a few more typographic quotes to go along with the first in the series {The Fierce Urgency of NOW} I'm trying to keep these quotes in mind a bit more as being yourself, being the change, taking it slow and acting now are all things I need to do a bit more of in my daily life! I've put them up for prints {you can also get them as bags, t-shirts and cases} over on my Society 6 store and hope to have a few of my own available soon in my etsy shop!


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What quotes are helping you out lately?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Summer on Skye: Coral Beach & Mushrooms


I'm back from Skye now but still have a few more things to post from the end of my summer on the misty isle. Coral Beach is a beach made not from sand or rocks but lots of tiny pieces of coral and shells. I've been quite a few times before but this year I happened to go when it was the equinox low tide and we had a great surprise. . .

Approaching the beach a causeway could be seen underneath the sea, but we didn't know wether the tide was going out or coming in...

 Seaweed creating pools and jellyfishies

  Coral Beach close-up...

Clear sea...

Massive splattered jellyfish... 

 Sea channels filled with shells and stones...
The lump hill and seaweed patterns... 
After walking along the beach, we walked up the lump hill and from the top we saw...

  ...the tide had gone out and the tidal causeway had opened up linking to the small island!

Due to the tides the causeway only appears a few times a year at the lowest equinox tides so we had to take the opportunity to walk out to the island...

Walking along the causeway was like being under the sea with all the different types of seaweed and shells we saw...

Coral Beach is just up the road from Dunvegan Castle, check it out if you're ever up on Skye!

Coming back from Coral Beach we stopped in Dunvegan to do the 2 churches walk, walking from an old ruined church to the present day church. I wasn't expecting anything much but it was one of the most amazing experiences of the summer! The woodland part of the walk was full of so many different types of mushrooms and funghi, it was so unbelievable, we must have seen about 30 different kinds including this amazing coral fungus {below right}, we even saw the most perfect fairy ring, a circle made out of mushrooms!  {I didn't have much memory left on my phone so didn't get many pics!:(}


 It felt like a fairytale and was so surreal, with a hint of scariness as many of them would have been deathly poisonous, autumn foraging always seems like such a good idea but can be so dangerous if you aren't 100% sure of what you have found! 

I'll definitely be back soon Dunvegan and Coral Beach!