Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Positive Posters 2011

Here's my poster for this years 'Positive Posters'. The brief this year is to highlight an issue that you believe deserves a global audience and could be better seen or understood. I wanted to do something simple yet inspiring and uplifting in everday life.

Here's my rationale: 'Living or working in a city can get you down and a lot of the time people are just rushing from place to place, stressed out with worry and trying to do everything on their 'to do' list. But by living in the moment a bit more and experiencing beauty and peace in the small things that surround us can help us feel more calm and inspired to do good. My poster is to help remind people to perhaps stop a moment, reassess and lift your eyes to the skies.'

Here is my poster for last years contest with the brief 'A glass half full'. This year's competition closes on 30th September 2011 so get your thinking caps on!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Brett Dennen Posters

My album of the summer and the year so far has to be Brett Dennen's 'Loverboy' so as I love a good poster I thought I'd make up some lyric posters for a few of my fave songs on the album including: 'Queen of the Westside', 'Comeback Kid (That's my dog), 'Dancing at a Funeral' and 'Song for Leaving'. Eventually I hope to do one for each song on the album. Check out some of the album & others on his myspace.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Album Leaf Poster & T-Shirt Design

Here's a poster & a t-shirt design I did a while ago for a competition for The Album Leaf's fall US Tour. If you haven't heard them go here, they're epically beautiful.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jerwood Drawing Prize Artist Directory

I was just looking into where the Jerwood Drawing Prize is touring this year (which I can't seem to find out about!?) and they've made a new Artist Directory and I'm in it as I was in the 2007 exhibition (can't believe it was 4 yrs ago!) with my drawing 'Map Circle'.