Sunday, 27 January 2013

Italy Unpacked 3: Piedmont

The final episode of Italy Unpacked sees the chef & art historian exploring the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. Here's some of the highlights: (also see my highlights for part 1: Emiglia Romagna & part 2: Lombardy)

Hunting for truffles in the woods with Vigo the dog, 



Getting sustenance for your soul at the Abbey of Novalesa in the Souza Valley. Where there are amazing 11th Century frescoes, in homage to the patron saint of pilgrimage, Saint Elderus (all painted with natural materials),

& Father Danella, a monk at the abbey, explaining the importance of pilgrimage, represents the journey of your life, where you leave everything behind and set out on your own.....where you will only be able to find yourself on your own, in a place you don't know.

 Making chocolates in Turin,

Getting behind the wheel of a tiny Fiat 500,

'Madonna of the rags' by Michaelangelo Pistoletto

A room full of laurel leaves by Giuseppe Penone

Seeing wonderful Arte Povera (in the place it originated) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rivoli. Would love to see their new Ana Mendieta - She Got Love exhibition which runs 30th January until 5 May 2013.

 Bartering for rice, for risotto of course!

Seeing a 'gallery' of people's 'thanks of faith' to the Madonna for saving them from accidents,

  Visiting Northern Italy's wine region...
& drinking Giorgio Rivetti's new sparkling wine

Now that's the North of Italy unpacked, can't wait to unpack the rest of it...and visit myself.

(all images from the episode via BBCiplayer)

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