Sunday, 30 November 2008

all i know is the present for now


In Process

Drawing in process, was nearly finished and my pen ran out, in terms of a process piece its a huge deal. Should I carry on with another pen, hence different colour and different attitude differenttime. or just leave it be...tobecontinued...


Picked these flowers up from near the prison and in the garden. Life is everywhere.
Your body is only a vessel for your mind and only you have the keys to free your mind, its my journey, it's my life, it's my mind.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Finished a map of Norway a while ago. Not sure where my maps are taking me anymore, they're at a stand still right now, think they might be over. It's over. For now at least. I want to create a calmness, a mindfulness, a sense that each second counts and exists and is worth something and recorded whether it be through a big speech, a whisper, a wink, a tear or a simple mark of a pen.

Blue Roses

Went to Southampton for the weekend to see The Cardinals or The Cardinals feat. Ryan Adams or Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. I love his spontaneity, his songs are never finished, open-ending always open to re-interpretation.
Southampton was really cool, great parks, you can walk round the old city walls, and get a ferry over to the Isle of Wight. It's amazing how much control our own minds have, or we have over our own minds? Mind over matter always. If you're in a good place mentally any place can seem amazing, but just as equally if you're in a bad place any place can seem suffocating or like hell.
Stop. Slow down.
Keep calm and carry on, with life, art, this blog, trying to communicate.
Life is all but a series of moments, be mindful in every moment.