Monday, 7 January 2013

Sundance Film Festival 2013


I love lots of different types of film but I have a soft spot for small independent films, small stories told visually big. This time of year is film time with awards season around the corner and what always sounds like the coolest film festival in the world Sundance. So I created a little poster for it above.

There's a huge list of films that will be premiering so I've tried to pick out some of my favourite ones that I'd love to see & these 'Meet the artists' videos are a great introduction to these stories:

If I had enough time or maybe I could time-travel if we're wishing here, I'd go see these as well:

and to top it all of it must be quite an experience to see Top of the lake about a detective in a small New Zealand town which is nearly 6 hours long!

Oh and don't forget the short films I'd like to see too from banishing demons in Boneshaker to animal studies in Reindeer & beautiful animation in Thank You there's a short for every occasion....

What would you see? Sundance Film Festival runs 17-27 January 2013 with venues around Park City,  Salt Lake City, Ogden and funnily enough Sundance! Also this year is the second year that a mini Sundance comes to the UK-- Sundance London is on 25-28 April 2013 at the O2

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