Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Films Français

I love contemporary French films and I just watched 'Delicacy' with Audrey Tautou and it was really cute and life-affirming, as she always manages to pull off (see 'Priceless', 'Beautiful Lies' & of course 'Amelie' and 'Mood Indigo' which comes out soon). Here's a few other french films I've loved spanning stories of revolution, heartbreak, prison, communism, locked-in-syndrome and love:

and I really want to see these:

Amour won Best Film not in the English Language & Emmanuelle Riva Best Actress at the Baftas & is up for an oscar tonight....

and another film with Audrey Tautou where she moves to the country, gets bored and poisons her husband! (How's your french? I couldn't find an english subtitled version!)

Also really want to see, these others that I missed:

and then basically all these listed in the Top 100 French Films by Time Out Paris.

Vive le Films Francais! 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashion Friday: Paul by Paul Smith

Paul by Paul Smith top

Cream Polka Dot Shirt

There's nothing quite like the crispness of a new (or at least newly washed!) shirt, and Paul by Paul Smith knows how to make a good one... I'm loving the simplicity of polka dots and florals combined with edgy colour combinations. Also the tees and jumpers are great too, gorgeous faded block colour, photo prints, a bit of fair isle and the classic stripes. 

Paul by Paul Smith top

Paul by Paul Smith t shirt

Paul by Paul Smith t shirt

Paul by Paul Smith t shirt

Paul by Paul Smith cardigan

Paul by Paul Smith sweater

Monday, 18 February 2013

Quiet solitude playlist #03

Here's a little playlist on quietness & solitude: the need to be silent with your own thoughts and reflections is so needed and in this on the go, connected all the time world, can be hard to achieve. So while these tracks aren't necessarily quiet, they are the perfect (un)companion for solitude, time alone and inspiration for being by yourself. 

I'm a really quiet, introverted person and while for me it's natural, a lot of the time it's seen as a negative, Susan Cain is helping to turn this thinking around & on its head, did you see her amazing TED talk and I really need to read her book 'Quiet: The power of introverts in a world can't stop talking' and visit 'The Silence Room' at Selfridges in London

(playlist created on grooveshark)

— Did you like playlist #01 Chains/freedom & #02 Aloha Hawaii!? —

Sunday, 17 February 2013

International Art to See: Europe (part II)

The European art journey continues....here's part 2 of 'International Art to See: Europe —
(If you missed it here's part I)

If I was in Poland I'd see...


Realistic & weird sculptures, outsider art, permanent advice benches & huge textile installations in Warsaw...

If I was in Spain I'd see:
Architectural art and cubist paintings...

 ...lush landscapes, paintings as photos and more lush landscapes in Madrid...

Huge dirt piles in Leon.....Conceptual drawings in Valencia...

Face plates & the legacy of action painting in Barcelona...

 & Abstract sculpture in Malaga.

If I was in Switzerland I'd see...
Ferdinand Hodler                    Calder Gallery at Fondation Beyele

 Visions of the Alps and sculptural mobiles in Basel...

I and the Village

The ordinary turned extraordinary & colourful fantasies in Zurich...

(including this Monet waterlilies painting)

Arte povera photos, free drawings, classic paintings, arte povera sculptures & automatic drawings in Winterthur.

If I was in Austria I'd see...

Nightscapes & Japanese Manga in Vienna...
Imi Knoebel at Thaddaeus Ropac                                 Anslem Kiefer at Thaddaeus Ropac
Colourful sculptural hangings & huge Kiefer paintings in Saltzburg...
If I was in Denmark I'd see... 

Past Present Future, Anish Kapoor, 2006 Yves Klein, Installation MAMAC, Nice 2012. Foto Muriel Anssens

Munch, see through colour and sculptural colour in Aarhus...

[details] at Statens                              Willie Doherty: Secretion at Statens

 Small details and a film about invisible fear in Copenhagen.

If I was in Ireland I'd see...
Mary Swanzy, Woman with white bonnet, 1920 circa, Oil on canvas, 99 x 80 cm, Private Collection U.K. Courtesy of Pyms Gallery, London, © Artist's Estate. Photo Credit © Pyms Gallery, London.

Everyday beautiful paintings & cubism in Dublin.

If I was in Lichtenstein I'd see..
KikiSmith_Born_500x300.jpg TonySmith_Memphis_500x370.jpg
The Smith family sculpture in Vaduz.

These posts are getting longer and longer, so many amazing exhibitions to see.
What would you go see?

Next up? 'International Art to See: Africa & the Middle East

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sandwich sneak peek

Here's a little peek from some sandwiches that I've been painting with gouache for a new print in my food series.
Can you figure out what they are? It'll be finished and released onto Society6 soon.
If you missed it here's the first in the series: 'Beef cuts'

Friday, 15 February 2013

Fashion Friday: Moschino C&C


Just fallen across the Moschino Cheap & Chic line which still isn't very cheap, but it is chic and fun! Bright colours with beautiful patterns, slight references and a bit of cheek. Like the nod to vintage sailor tattoos with the Heart & Anchor dress, or the landscape print t-shirts, subtle and all the more powerful for it.

Love, Love, Love this Notes bag, a simple, clever twist on the LBB (little, black bag).

A chic rendition of a ski sweater, snowflakes that can be worn all year round (especially with the British summer weather) and simple appliqued patches make a black dress or nude jumper edgy and fun. 

Like your style Moschino C&C!