Sunday, 27 January 2013

Read Book Covers of 2013

I love reading and I love amazing book covers, getting across an idea that represents a story within a small space so the viewer is intrigued and maybe takes a glance at the back cover is so exhilarating & visually exciting (see some of my favourites here on my pinterest book covers board). 

I'm going to be reading a lot this year (as always) so I thought I'd keep a track of what I've read by designing a new book cover for every book I read. Keeping a minimal asthetic, limited palette and emphasis on typography. Here's my first victim: '11.22.63' by Stephen King, it was a Xmas pressie and pretty hefty, so even though it was really fast-paced and addictively good, it took me most of January to finish it. At the moment I'm reading 'The year of magical thinking' by Joan Didion, I love it's cover, so simple and so poignant, exactly like the book.

What are you reading? Any great suggestions?

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