Friday, 28 June 2013

Fashion Friday: Two-tone

Two-tone: simple yet elegant, versatile and classic, two colour combos work so well together on jumpers, trousers to satchels, swimsuits and shirts, here's a few faves-

The Cambridge Satchel Company® by Chris Benz satchel

Viewer      WOE4KN810003PNK

WORDSI820004NVM   WONSA7820003NVM 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Fashion Friday: Embroidery &... at Moda Operandi


Embroidery, applique, tapestry and knitting all have such a long history whether it's the one of make do and mend that had to be used throughout the war and coming back in fashion now, to the passing down of skills from generation to generation, there's something so wholesome and satisfying with knitting and sewing crafts and when you get to wear it doubly so.

Here's a few faves I found on Moda Operandi:-



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fabric Finds

Lately I've been getting into embroidery and sewing and have started collecting fabric pieces and scraps to use in projects. There's something so beautiful about finding something you love often that others have thrown away (most of these were found on ebay or in charity shops) and using it to create something functional you love (well when I get round to it). Here's what I found:-

 Kimono Silk flowers piece came all the way from Tokamachi, Nigatta, Japan from PetitJapan

Pink Flower Furoshiki

 More Kimono silk strips, such beautiful colours and patterns (it's also fun to imagine who wore them, why and when!)

Metallic Stripes

Silk Stripes from France (that are actually culottes!)

Blue specks 

and this amazing one of tree branches, rocks and gemstones!

Now what should I make with them all?!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rockabilly print


I love a bit of Rockabilly and here's all my favourites from Buddy Holly to Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson and loads more. Get it as a print & on Ipad/phone/computer cases, cushions, cards bags and t-shirts on Society6!


Look out for more Rockabilly amazingness coming soon involving the great Buddy Holly & the opening of my etsy store! 

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Fashion Friday: Stripes

Ace & Jig Tangier Tunic - Pop    Striped Leather Sleeve Pad Beige Pullover
Ace & Jig | Indressme

There's nothing quite so simple and summery as a stripe, from wide blocks, to pinstripes, pleats and mis-matched. Love them all:-

WOE4A7820005WHM    WOWKDR800010BRD

What stripes are you wearing?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer on Skye: Fairie Glen

Uig Bay

I'm staying in a small village/ferry port called Uig on the Northern part of the Isle of Skye. The ferry comes in about three times a day serving the Western Isles of Harris and North Uist. The weather controls a lot, from whether you want to go outside that day, to the ferry not running, so when you get an absoloutely gorgeous day you've got to make the most of it. So last week I walked up to fairie glen (there's lots of different ways of spelling fairy, farey, but I like fairie best!) it's a magical glen where fairies live! Here's some pics of my walk to the fairies:-


 Cute little lambs and red boats in fields of green

First buds on the trees | Hello Mr Sheep!

Beware of falling down cliffs while abseiling! | How many sheep?


When you come around the corner and see the pinnacle of the lump, you get that special excitement feeling, it's in the air!

And coming round the corner again, you see the wee loch and the lump! If it looks a little familiar, it was used as a location in the film Stardust!

And of course you have to climb the lump, amazing how different it looks from different angles while climbing up!

At the base, round the back, the fairies have left their mark, spirals, stars, cairns, you name it.

It's a bit of a squeeze through the rocks up to the top, but it's worth it to get a great view of the waterfalls on the opposite side of the valley and you get to be Queen of the Fairies for a few minutes!

Have you ever seen a fairie?