Wednesday, 30 January 2013

International Art to See: North America

Wolfgang Laib at MOMA                                                              American Legends: From Calder to O'Keefe at the Whitney

There's so much amazing art to see all over the the world, so I thought I'd put together some of the temporary exhibitions I'd like to see if I could travel round the world, had loads of time & could afford it! I was just going to do one post, but there's so many amazing exhibitions that I've had to split it up by continents, so stay tuned for South America, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania! First up is North America:

If I was in the USA I would go see..... a pollen installation & Legendary Americans in New York.....


Paper figures and artist portraits in Los Angeles....

Jasper Johns Girl with a Pearl Earring

Form/Shape and a certain girl with an earring in San Francisco...

Mikalene Thomas at ICA

Lots of Buddhas & Funky Interiors in Boston....

                               Blood, Gold & Fire: Colouring Early German Woodcuts at AIC                              MCA DNA: John Cage
Religious colour woodcuts & Maps in Chicago....

The Adoration of the Magi
Sandro Botticelli at NGA

Barbara Kruger: Belief+Doubt
Barbara Kruger at Hirshhorn

An Italian Master & huge slogans in Washington DC....

Claus Oldenburg: Strange Eggs at the Menil Collection

Dan Flavin Installation
Dan Flavin Installation at the Menil Collection

Rothko Chapel

Strange collages, fluro tubes & of course the Rothko Chapel in Houston (which I wrote about for my thesis but have never seen)

If I was in Canada I would go see.....
Art Spiegelman, RAW Magazine
Art Spiegelman: Comics, Graphics & Scraps at VAG 

  Ian Wallace: At the intersection of painting & photography at VAG

Comics & paint/photos in Vancouver.....

Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun & the Moon at MMFA

Jonathas de Andrade, 4 000 Disparos, 2010
 Jonathas de Andrade at Musee d'art Contemparain

Peruvian masks & a Super 8 film in Montreal.....

Michael Snow, Core, 1982–1984
Michael Snow: Objects of Vision at AGO 

Phil Collins,  they shoot horses, 2004.National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Photo © National Gallery of Canada
Phil Collins: They Shoot Horses at MOCCA

Huge objects & dance marathons in Toronto.....

New Works by Amy Thompson at OAG

Sakahan: International Indigenous Art at NGC

& Americana collages & lots of blankets in Ottawa

 So much art, so little time, of course there's tons more that I'm unaware of, these are just my  favourites, with some ending really soon (The Claus Oldenburg collages end this Sunday 3rd February) and some upcoming later this year. Sometimes the best exhibitions are those you don't plan to go see, you just see a poster on the street, or find a gallery by chance and it can hold the most amazing thing you've ever seen, that spontaneity, that chance of travel and exploring is just so uplifting and life-affirming, you can't beat it. What do you plan to see, any suggestions?

Next up- International Art to See: South America!

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