Sunday, 20 January 2013

Italy Unpacked 2: Lombardy

I loved the first episode of Italy unpacked (see my highlights here) & here's a few from the next where they explore the Lombardy region:

Making polenta with Giorgio Locatelli's family

Seeing the 'I am the vein & you are the branches' fresco at a private chapel depicting the bloody story of Santa Barbara

Marvelling at the San Michele Bridge over the river Adda, built in 1889 for cars on the top & trains beneath

Seeing the beautiful Milan Cathedral where they also find a certain Leonardo of Florence in the accounting books

Visiting the grandest shopping mall I've ever seen (and been to) & learning a milanese superstition

Trying to unravel Futurist art 

Eating an inside out sandwich, the 'food of the future' thought up a 100 yrs ago, from Marinetti's futurist cookbook


& wondering at the unbelievable 'Hall of Giants' in the Palazzo Te

There's one more episode to come featuring the region of Piedmont, see here for a clip where they go hunting for truffles.

(all images from the episode via BBCiplayer)

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