Monday, 1 July 2013

Etsy Shop


I've just opened my Etsy shop, full of cards, and tote bags! I love a bit of Buddy Holly so who better to feature on my first tote bag, it's screenprinted onto a 100% natural cotton tote bag with hand embroidered outline lettering. Rave on over to my etsy store Louise Norman Studio to get one! {you also get a free rockabilly legend postcard!}

Then I have a range of Thank You and Birthday Cards featuring Sakura Cherry Blossoms and foliage, cause there's always someone in your life you need to thank or wish happy birthday right? so why not do it in a beautiful way...

I love Japan and I love the Sakura Cherry Blossoms that arrive in Spring, {they even have a sakura forecast!} fresh and full of the joy of spring and they're a great way to say Thank You or Happy Birthday!
I'll be adding more items soon, so why not favourite my shop Louise Norman Studio or follow me and my tweets to keep updated!


  1. Thanks for the support reread!

  2. Awesome! These prints just look stand-out quirky. Good luck with your Etsy! It might take some time to get your store known out there, but as long as you develop your own style, more people will recognize your prints. And it's important to keep updated with your social media accounts and build an online presence for your store.

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  3. I checked out your Etsy shop and I can say that you really have lots of great things to offer. The tote bags were the best for me! I love the designs. I can feel your passion and creativity on your every project. I strongly believe that you’ll get ahead on your business. Good luck!!
    Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing