Wednesday, 6 February 2013

International Art to See: South America

Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera's interconnecting houses & the Frida Kahlo Museum

South America is so vast and holds such mystery and intrigue in its Latin steamy climes and no more so than in its art. Here's the second in my 'International Art to See' series (see the first: North America

If I were in Mexico I'd go see...
Sunday Afternoon in Almaeda Park Mural by Diego Rivera at Museo Mural Diego Rivera
Mural by Jorge Monroy in the Museum of Teuchitlan
Teuchitlán Museum Mural by Jorge Monroy
David Moreno sound installations at OMR
Carlos Cruz-Diez: Colour in Space & Time at MUAC
Mexican prints at Museo National de Estampa
 Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's ajoining houses, amazing huge murals, the sound of images, the colour of space & prints in Mexico City.... 
If I was in Brazil I'd go see...
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Rodrigo Oliveira at MAM
German renaissance painting at MASP
Doris Salcedo at Pinacoteca
Rain water paintings, German renaissanceism and sprouting tables in Sao Paulo... 

Burle Marx's Copacabana Promenade

Adriana Varejao at MAM

Mosaic pavements and the body as meat in Rio de Janeiro...

National Museum of the Republic by Oscar Niemeyer

Fichier:Cathedral of Brasilia int July 2009.jpg
 Brasilia Cathedral by Oscar Niemeyer

Architecture as art in Brasilia...
(also see some famous Brasilia landmarks in 360 at the Virtual Museum of Brasilia)

If I was in Peru I'd see...

Treasures of Ancient Peru at Museo Larco

Jose Luis Martinat at Galeria Lucia de la Puente

Workers of Smithfield
Bitter Huayco at LIMAC

Ancient bats and political cartoons in Lima...

If I was in Chile I'd see...

Grande Modernos (Peggy Guggenheim Collection) and 
Violet, Journey to the Interior at la Centro Cultural la Moneda

Muestra Maremoto de Karin Oldfelt Hjertonsson Muestra Maremoto de Karin Oldfelt Hjertonsson Muestra Maremoto de Karin Oldfelt Hjertonsson 
Karin Oldfelt Hjertonsson at MAC

Guggenhein goodness, colourful figures and sealife illustrations in Santiago...

If I was in Argentina I'd go see...

 Sol Aramendi: Heartbeats at Praxis


Music Installations and basically everything coming up at MALBA! (Oscar Munoz, American Stories, Tracy Emin, Adriana Varejoa (who's also got an exhibition in Rio [maybe its the same one] and of course Mrs Dots-Yayoi Kusama) in Buenos Aires.

Are you in or going to South America this year? What do you plan to see? any suggestions?

Next up, my home continent!....International Art to See: Europe!

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