Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maps for the FGAP

These are some recent and not so recent large map drawings, this is the first time that I've seen them all together and they have organically become a series all on their own. I've entered them into the Future Generation Art Prize. It's really interesting to see them together and see how or if they work next to each other. Working towards a competition entry gives me extra motivation, extra oomph to go for and complete something different, something larger than I've ever completed before. Knowing that 'someone' is going to see your work and it's a part of something worldwide, no matter how big your part in it is exciting.


  1. quite interesting. i have tried working with topography sheets...a map is an art in itself!
    Have applied for the FGAP too..keeping my fingers crossed...goodluck to you

  2. Hi, yeah they are an art in itself, its hard to change them sometimes they're so beautiful! Thanks & good luck to you too :)