Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Films Français

I love contemporary French films and I just watched 'Delicacy' with Audrey Tautou and it was really cute and life-affirming, as she always manages to pull off (see 'Priceless', 'Beautiful Lies' & of course 'Amelie' and 'Mood Indigo' which comes out soon). Here's a few other french films I've loved spanning stories of revolution, heartbreak, prison, communism, locked-in-syndrome and love:

and I really want to see these:

Amour won Best Film not in the English Language & Emmanuelle Riva Best Actress at the Baftas & is up for an oscar tonight....

and another film with Audrey Tautou where she moves to the country, gets bored and poisons her husband! (How's your french? I couldn't find an english subtitled version!)

Also really want to see, these others that I missed:

and then basically all these listed in the Top 100 French Films by Time Out Paris.

Vive le Films Francais! 

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