Saturday, 2 February 2013

Animated Short Films

'Paperman' by John Kahrs

I'm not sure about you, but I've never really paid much attention to the Oscar for Animated Short Film, I knew that Aardman Animations had won a couple of times for Wallace & Gromit but not much else (they've actually been nominated 8 times and won 3 times: for Creature Comforts in 1990, The Wrong Trousers in 1993 and A Close Shave in 1995)

So when Disney (who produced the film) released the full version of 'Paperman' online last week and I found out it was nominated for an Oscar, I thought I'd check out the other nominations, which then turned into checking out loads more of the winners since the first one in 1932!

'Fresh Guacamole' by Pes

I love 'Fresh Guacamole' by Pes, which is nominated this year, not only because I love guacamole and can't get enough of the green stuff, but it's ingenious, focuses on the small details and makes them important, chips and dip anyone?

'Adam and Dog' by Minkyu Lee

Also nominated is this beautiful film of man's first encounter with dog...

'Head over Heels' by Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly

...and this one about a married couple living in the same world but differently (the wife lives upside down!)


'The Longest Daycare' by David Silverman

& the last nomination details Maggie's (from probably the most famous animated family 'The Simpsons') day in daycare.

'The Old Man & the Sea' by Alexsandr Petrov
A very painterly animation, adapted from the book by Earnest Hemingway won in 1999...

'Mona Lisa descending a staircase' by Joan C. Gratz animated history of art, with an amazing array of paintings morphing into one another, how many artists and paintings can you recognise? Unbelieavably this was made by claymation, modelling clay into the paintings onto glass and photographing each frame, it took 10 years to make, and deservedly so won the Oscar in 1992!

'The Sand Castle' by Co Hoedeman

Use of sand animation & foam rubber puppets to create a sand castle won in 1977...

'Flowers & Trees' by Walt Disney
...and the first ever winner in 1932 was…. you guessed it Walt Disney with 'Flowers & Trees' which sees flowers exercising and brushing their teeth, a caterpillar taking a shower, all in all a charmfest of spring goodness, until a dead tree comes along to mess everything up….

Check out the whole list of nominations & winners here. Can't wait to find out who wins it now on February 24th, my money's on 'Paperman'. Who do you think will win?

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