Monday, 30 September 2013

Zizzi Italy Menu


I recently created this for Zizzi's menu competition, it details the 20 regions of Italy. It was really fun to research all the different areas and try and come up with a defining image for each (I'm sure some are horribly off the mark with this English eye of mine!) it was fun to travel round Italy, in my head at least. I've made it available as a print over on my Society6 store, so now you can have all of Italy on your wall. 

I've only ever been to Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto, so 3 down and 17 to go! What's your favourite region of Italy?


  1. Love it, so much to see on this print!

  2. Lovely addition to your shops. I've visited Tuscany a couple of years ago and I loved it!