Friday, 1 March 2013

Fashion Friday: Type Tees

New York | JFK San Francisco | SFO
London | LON Boston | BOS 
Cities | Pilot & Capt. 

I love a bit of type, that's beautiful, thoughtfully considered, kerned well, clever and makes you smile, so combine that on a tee and you get these amazing specimens! From travel to a lone wolf, manners and photoshop tools, camping, intitals, weekends, at the end of the day it's the little things that make life Type Tees. Here's some of my faves:-

Polite as Fuck Alt  Part Wolf
Polite as Fuck | Buy Me Brunch                                             Part Wolf | Buy Me Brunch

Image of Crop it   
Crop it... | The Unrefinery                                             Blue | Neuarmy           
              Image of HAPPY CAMPER LOOSE T | OAT HEATHER 

Happy Camper | Camp Brand Goods                                 Saturdays Surf NYC

It's the little things | Ugmonk                              & then I woke up | Ugmonk 

I've made a couple myself which are available over on Redbubble for Quantum Leap & Charles Dickens fans! & you can check all my t-shirt designs out here!

Oh Boy! - Quantum Leap by Louise Norman Charles Dickens Novels by Louise Norman
 Oh Boy | Louise Norman                                 Charles Dickens Novels | Louise Norman

What type tees are you coveting?

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