Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Red Old Rail T-shirt Design

Here's my design for the Ghosts of Gone Birds T-shirt competition run by All Tropical. There was a huge list of extinct birds to choose from and I chose the Red Rail to breathe new life into.

Here's my description: ''The Red Rail became extinct around 1700 and while it can never come back as it was, maybe it can return as a newer version of itself, to avenge its ancestors. Perhaps it could be a ninja with 5 legs and a triangular hole (just in case you need one). My 'New Red Old Rail' design shows the new ninja bird made up out of the original Red Rail image scrambled up and which is on it's side extinct.'

See all of the designs in the gallery here and you can vote for mine here, the top 10 get through to be judged by the likes of Guy Garvey (from Elbow), Jimi Goodwin (from Doves) and the radio DJ Marc Riley and then the top 2 get printed into tees!


  1. very nice! voted :) i'm also taking part. such a great competition :D