Friday, 2 August 2013

Feature Friday: Present & Correct

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with stationery lately (cue spending lots at uguisu!) and love all the paper ephemera, envelopes, rubber stamps, journals and organisation systems over at Present & Correct. Also loving their website and product photography it's so minimal and organised, like a perfect piece of beautiful and functional stationery. There asthetics are just the right mix of retro with a modern twist. Here's a few favourites:-

        Geometry Stamp Set 

Bright Desk Stack 

            Geometry Jotter 

L.C.D Stamp 

From the desk of... Rubber Stamps 

What stationery's on your desk?
 {I'll be spilling what's on mine in an upcoming post!}


  1. Louise thanks for introducing Uguisu. I never heard of them before, and oh my ... how beautiful are their products! I love beautiful stationery too. But what's on my desks are pretty boring :)

    1. They're so beautiful aren't they, just found them myself and treated myself to a b-day pressie of washi tape, air vases and art papers!