Monday, 12 August 2013

Packing Orders

 - Walden Screenprinted & Embroidered Tote Bag with a freebie postcard print and a thank you postcard from me featuring the Northern Lights -
I've sent off my first few orders from my Etsy shop and am really excited to make them look good and put in a few extras when I can, so I've been stashing and stocking up on great packing goodies!
-Buddy Holly Tote Bag with freebie Buddy postcard and badge (that went wrong and couldn't be sold)

I've found some patterned paper bags to put little extras in and will also be making my own out of brown paper bags and stamping/drawing onto them.

I've heard and seen a lot about washi tape {mostly on hello sandwich} and have always wanted to get some....and now have lots thanks to ebay and the beautiful Japanese store Uguisu. I had my first chance to use the airmail tape this week to send a package to California!

 I've also made myself a rubber logo stamp and got an alphabet stamp set and inkpad. . .
  to make some packaging for the new range of author badges in my shop...

and been using lots of coloured sharpies for drawing, decorating, shrink plastic making!

Want a nice package? Check out my shop, Louise Norman Studio!

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