Saturday, 30 March 2013

Recent Sights

 Here's a few snaps of some recent sights I've seen from a T-Rex to To Kill a Mockingbird, William Blake to Udon Noodles, Egyptology to Snowdrops and Jigsaws, Fishing Tackle shops and Beautiful Books, Nests and Gothic Architecture, the Daughter-in-law and Scout's bed, and Modern architecture and white gable ends.
Most of these were taken in Manchester while having a huge culture fix, taking in the Raqib Shaw show at Manchester Art Gallery, the amazing To Kill a Mockingbird production at Royal Exchange Theatre, William Blake at the John Rylands Library & the new Egyptology gallery at the Manchester Museum. Then I also saw The Daughter-in-law at the Crucible in Sheffield and there's some local finds from my garden and elsewhere on my travels.

What have you seen lately?

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