Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer on Skye: Raasay

 A couple of weeks ago, we went on a little day trip to Raasay, a large island just off Skye...
 We took the car ferry across from Sconser on a grey, cloudy and windy morning..

 to climb an extinct volcano called 'Dun Caan' ...  
Which way? Up!
 Looking back over to Skye
 Dun Caan getting closer...
 and closer...
 Just when you think you're close, we have to go down to this loch to go back up!

 Dun Caan back in view...

 Nearly there...
 Loch & the sea
 It turned into a glorious day! {the last one we've had in ages}
Lochs reflecting the Sky(e)

 On the top & edge of the world
 Looking towards mainland Scotland from the top of Dun Caan, Raasay
 On the descent...
 The Cuillins in the distance
There's that beautifully clear loch again...
 Island with a tidal causeway
 The Old Man of Storr's in there somewhere!

 After Dun Caan, we headed further north to Castlebay...
where we spotted a submarine...

 had a very brief paddle in the freezing sea!
  had a sunbathe on the peebley beach which moulded perfectly to your back {and got sunburnt}
 listened to local campers playing the bagpipes...
and spotted seals {they're there somewhere promise!}
 Then back to catch the last ferry {nearly didn't make it after getting locked in a toilet at the ferry terminal!}
When the ferry docked into Raasay, we saw the local schoolchildren coming back home after a day at school {now there's an amazing commute to school!}
 Stunning views, which were unseen and under cloud this morning.

Thanks Raasay, be back soon!


  1. Glad you enjoyed beautiful Raasay. Do go back soon and do some more 'wandering' as it has jewels of places making the island (to me anyway) one of the most precious places on earth

  2. Thanks, it is very precious and it has its own special vibe that is truly unique and beautiful, will definitely go back!