Friday, 18 February 2011

Trees, Llamas and Plague

A few weeks ago I went to Eyam a small village near where I live which is full of history, trees & llamas! It's a village which was struck by the plague in 1665 and decided to isolate itself (no one could come in or go out of the village). The plague arrived from London in some cloth that was delivered to the tailor and within a week he was dead. The plague held the village in its grasp for over a year and within this time it's stated that 260 out of the villages population of 350 died. It's an unbelievable story and the village brings it to life as many of the houses are still standing, including the house the tailor and his family lived in, and you can still go and see the village boundaries of a well and a stone with depressions in it. At these outsiders would leave food and the villagers would then leave money in the holes which would be covered with vinegar to act as a disinfectant. For more info go here. (top photo is Eyam Hall)
It was a gorgeous day, cold and crisp yet sunny and clear, perfect for a stroll around where we happened upon lots of llamas (or alpacas) and lots of amazing trees, hopefully soon I'll be able to take some more photos like these from last year of new buds popping out! Come on spring I'm waiting for you!

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