Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm in OWT Creative Zine- #4 'Direction'

I'm in the new zine by OWT Creative, it's Issue 4 and all contributors responded to the word 'Direction'. I based mine on my drawing 'Fishguard and Pembroke Map Circle' seen below.
Which is a circle over just the land areas made up of thousands of pen dots. I thought this drawing lent itself to 'Direction' as yes on the surface it's a map which can help you out with directions, but I've put it through a process and taken it in a certain direction by choosing and deciding which way to take it.

Also by doubling the image and flipping it, it makes the two sides link up and create a new image, a new direction; black holes create a central white space and are interrupted by cracks or are they estuaries? The coastlines point to the spine and the roads take me onto the next page and back to the same yet different place. Anyways left or right? black or white? up or down? which direction will you take?

OWT Creative is a design collective based in Manchester and showcases up and coming creative talent in the North West. The zine is in a limited edition of 125, has a hand-screened cover and several other pages hand-screened as well. It's on sale now on their website and at selected places in the North West such as Magma Books in Manchester! Can't wait to get myself a copy!
(top image from OWT Creative)

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  1. Thanks for the submission Louise, we really liked it and hope to see more from you in the future

    Ben Kither - OWT creative