Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Moondust & t-shirts

Here's the next installment of my Book Illustrations series. A while a go I read Moondust by Andrew Smith, it's his tale of him trying to interview and gather information on what it was like for each of the 12 astronauts that walked on the moon. Of the 12 only 9 are still alive and the book also deals with the possible near-certain fact that one day in the not to distant future no one on earth will know what it's like to have been on the moon. Today where we deal with huge population growth and billions of people, 12 is such a small number to comprehend having done such a huge thing and no women have experienced it at all, or was it all a hoax?...Who knows, anyways I thought it'd look good on a t-shirt so here it is on redbubble and mysoti. I also did t-shirts of Walden my last book illustration here on redbubble and mysoti.

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  1. such a great experience that only a few share, they must have amazing stories...sounds like an interesting book.
    Your cover is pretty cool ♥