Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Song Illustrations: Cherry Lane

Here's the second in my Song Illustration series: Cherry Lane by Ryan Adams. Here's my first one Blues run the Game by Jackson C Frank done in March but now I'm going to try and finish one every couple of weeks and each in a different style. Anyone got any song suggestions? Here's the lyrics that inspired the illustrations:

Books, Roses & Cab:
'Every night I read this novel about you
holding roses in the pouring rain
But the ending's tore up, trying to hail a cab
Think no one can read you but I can'
House & Walking figures:
'Well we move into a house down on Cherry Lane
And watch the world go by, I'm missing a page
I want to be the one who walks you home
who walks you home tonight'
Books, broken glass:
'Curled up with a book down on Cherry Lane
the glass it hits the floor and you're walking away'

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