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International Art to See: Australia & New Zealand

Here's the last (awhh no!) of my International Art to See Series (see North America, South America, Europe part I, Europe part II, Africa & Middle East and Asia) but don't worry there'll always be more art to see! Did you see my posts about the tv series High Art in the Low Countries? {Dreams of Plenty, Boom & Bust} and I've made a little Blog Button (inspired by Richard Diebenkorn -it's over there on the right, dya see it?) to collect all these art to see posts together.


YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Tokyo (fashion house); Yohji YAMAMOTO (designer)
Jacket and skirt 2000 {spring-summer, Bercy collection} (detail)

cotton, rayon, plastic, glass, polyester
(a) 52.8 cm (centre back)
54.0 cm (sleeve length) (jacket)
(b) 85.5 cm (centre back)
34.0 cm (waist, flat) (skirt)

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased through the NGV Foundation with the assistance of Andrea Ziegler, Governor, 2002

  CHRISTIAN DIOR, Paris (couture house); Christian DIOR (designer)
Zelie, cocktail dress 1954 {autumn-winter} 

122.0 cm (centre back)
32.0 cm (waist, flat)

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased NGV Foundation, 2006




in Melbourne.

Within Without Skyspace by James Turrell at NGA

Garry WINOGRAND, Worlds Fair - New York City, New York. From  

Jessie TRAILL, The little wood
Jessie TRAILL, Stars in the river


in Canberra.

Quilts 1700-1945 at QAGOMA 

My Country, I Still Call Australia Home: Contemporary Art from Black Australia at QAGOMA

in Brisbane.

Made to Remember at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

in Perth.

Sydney Moderns at AG NSW 

'It’s often, to my way of thinking, what you don’t see in the photograph that has the greatest potential to transmit information' - Bill Henson 

The nude at AC NSW

 Noel McKenna, 'Boy dressed as Batman', 1991 


H17165 H17145  

Jasper Knight, Julian Meagher and Dean Brown at TVH Gallery

in Sydney.
2008 bloodier than black brooch 03anew2010 hey true blue, brooch 01
Robert Baines: Metal at Maitland Art Gallery

in Maitland.

In New Zealand I'd see...


Shane Cotton - The Hanging Sky at City Gallery Wellington 

Untitled 4
Richard Stratton: An Artist's Inventory at City Gallery Wellington 


Gordon Walters at Te Papa

Warhol: Immortal at Te Papa

in Wellington.

Plimmerton Coastal Quilters 

Print by Prudence MacDougall, Decoy

in Porirua.

Angels & Aristocrats: Early European Art in New Zealand Public Collections at Auckland Art Gallery 


Little Miracles at Auckland Art Gallery

 in Auckland.
Peter Stichbury: NDE 

Peter Stichbury: NDE at CAG

Toshi Endo: Wolf-Cub 

Toshi Endo: Wolf-Cub at CAG

in Christchurch.

I started this series way back in January and my initial research brought these exhibitions up below, but since I've travelled the world from West to East these amazing shows have just recently finished. (If you did manage to catch them, you were very lucky! I still get mad thinking about how I missed the  Eva Hesse show at Tate Modern 10 years ago! I didn't know who she was when it came & like 2 months later she was my favourite artist! dang!) 

What will you see next?

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