Monday, 28 April 2008

Paper Block, Drawings and Archive 

Recently finished a new sculpture titled 'paper block'-- a block made out of crushed paper. I like the deconstructing materials to reconstruct them into something new. Using my old dissertation notes and articles was a freeing process and one of letting go of my education and hope for the future. Getting rid of or transforming negative over-information & conotations into the simple positivity of a block was liberating.

New map drawings of the sea coloured in around Skye, A circle of black land in between the roads and red land in between roads where it was forest and black land in between roads leaving a forest green area blank and a sea edge.

Also trying to deal with my archive of photos and work, not sure how best to collate it all, wether to use a photo album, sketchbook, website, digital program?? Remember reading about Louise Bourgeois having a full time archive assistant, thats a lot of work after 80 odd years of making.

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