Monday, 28 April 2008

Changing for someone else?

- drawing entered into Newton open drawing comp

Sent off stuff for Re:worked exhibition, Newton open drawing and NOISE festival. Going to send stuff for a text festival, EaST International and Magpie.

There's always a thing when you try and adapt and contort your practice to conform into an exhibition or competition. How far are you changing it away from where you want to go, or is it just progression into a new area that can challenge you into new areas and bring about new work that would never have come about otherwise.

Quite intreseted in doing some text work, my work is a lot about information and over-information and the destruction of information into something simpler and minimal. Its funny how psycological and the organisation of your conscious and unconscious comes out in your art and sometimes you only recognise this months or even years after you've finished the work.

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