Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Isle of Skye

Collection of Beach finds and other bits, including a button made from stag antler!
Object Collection

Looking towards Duntulm Castle

Old Coastguard Station now turned into a Bothy & good place to have lunch! (Outer Hebrides seen in distance)

Rubha Huinish- lots of grey seals (seabears!) followed us around the headland!

Looking back up toward the bothy from down on the headland of Rubha Huinish

Stormy waves near Neist Point

Neist Lighthouse & Coral Beach

Last week I went away across the sea (not very far) to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. After gorgeous sunny, even hot weather in the UK what did it decide to do when I was off work but rain, at least it kept away the midgies! The top image shows a collection of things I found mainly on the beach such as a golf ball, limpets and crystal rocks, there's also a button made from stag antler which I found at a craft fair in Portree. It's so beautiful and the land/seascapes are always staggering, if you ever get the chance, go!


  1. I love Skye - planning on going back this autumn. There is something magical about the place, it's not like the rest of Scotland, it feels different.

    Love your term 'sea bears'!

  2. it does it's got this island grittiness, creativity and history that makes it so unique and magical.

    'Sea bears' came from the visitor book in the bothy where some people from Chile had written about them!