Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Book Covers: A tale for the time being / The Last Werewolf

My next book to be recovered and read by me was supposed to be 'The Last Werewolf' which I started, but then along came 'A tale for the time being' which I finished before going back and finishing 'The Last Werewolf'. Which means I get to create two covers for my book covers project (where I create new covers for each book I read this year) see the other covers in my project so far: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, The Year of Magical Thinking and 11.22.63

Two lives intersecting over oceans through books and lives, 'A tale for the time being' by Ruth Ozeki is a school girl's life told through a diary washed up on a North American island and retold by an author who found it. Encompassing zen, internet bullying, maid cafes, cats lost in storms, the devastating tsunami, Proust, temples, Kamakazi pilots, diaries and connections through time, it's a whirlwind journey. My cover details waves in the style of Japanese sashiko stitching on an old, water stained, cloth binding.

While 'The Last Werewolf' by Glen Duncan, funnily enough chronicles the last werewolf on earth, who is being followed, to be captured and killed. At 168 yrs old he's ready to go, so he thinks until... he falls in love! I love, love, love Peter Mendelsund's cover and nothing can ever come close to it. So I thought I'd just stick to the moon, in all it's beauty and all our fascination with mapping it and how it controls our lives (and werewolves) more than we often realise.

Next up? I'm reading 'Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking' by Susan Cain. No prizes for guessing I'm an introvert and already loving this book! Did you know Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, Gandhi and Stephen Spielberg were/are all introverts?

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