Friday, 12 April 2013

Fashion Friday: Kimono style


Kenzo | Kenzo

I'm a bit in love with Japan (see this old post) and the Kimono is an amazingly beautiful and wonderous piece of clothing, from all the different complex patterns to how it's folded and wrapped to it's accessories and history (Must read Liza Dalby's book Kimono). While the traditional Kimono might not be suitable in many (most) modern-day situations it's great that the essence of a Kimono can get twisted and shaped into everyday shirts, jackets, dresses and coats.



 But you can't beat the original, like these oldies in the Tokyo National Museum Collection
 which are actually Kosode which are smaller Kimono with shorter sleeves!


and these beauties in the British Museum Collection

and these in the Metropolitan Museum Collection

Summer Kimono with Carp, Water Lilies, and Morning Glories  Kimono 

and I'm loving these contemporary ones Haruko Watanabe sources with the most amazing patterns.

I've just got some beautiful Kimono fabric from ebay and will be posting all about them soon...
Would you wear a Kimono? What pattern would you pick?

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