Thursday, 1 November 2007

Stuffed umbrellas


 {I seem to have lost my original photos for this post, but found these of the same umbrella that I originally stuffed, flying & in the landscape!}

It's the first of november 2007, a new month, a new start. Time to get my act together and start this blog to keep track of the art I'm creating and how it progresses. Have started taking the fabric off of broken umbrellas and sewing them into sacks and stuffing them to create seed-shaped sacks. Stuffing them with anything I have to hand-clothes, towels, curtains, random fabric pieces.

The blue one I got as a christmas pressie years ago (I don't use umbrellas, i hate them I cant see the sky when I use them and feel claustrophobic) and I ripped it off have used it for a few other projects. The Colourful stripy one found in the basement in my house, it was broken, used it once and now its stuffed. The tartan one found in Bristol walking back from Clifton it was just on the side of the pavement, was going to pick it up, then walked past it, then went back for it, glad I did.

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