Friday, 23 October 2015


 After seeing the Suffragette film last week, I was inspired to create an illustration which then turned into a linocut print in homage to the amazing women who fought & campaigned for so long for women's right to vote in Great Britain which wasn't achieved for all women (over the age of 21) until 1928. 
My print includes chains for when they chained themselves to railings in protest, bombs/matches for when they set off postbox bombs & bombed a ministers house in protest, sashes and a miniature of their hero and 'leader' Emmeline Pankhurst along with flowers and medals which they received after their stint in prison and on hunger strike and a dove for the freedom and peace they were out to acheive for all women and the fight for equality which still continues to this day.

It is now available to buy in my etsy shop

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