Friday, 30 October 2015

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase Podcast

I love podcasts, I mainly listen to them while I'm walking places, working or tidying. So when I find a great new (to me at least, she's been doing it for ten years!) podcast that's endearing, shows humanity in many weird forms and makes me laugh, I want to shout about it!

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase is that rare podcast full of laughter, fun, spontaneity, weirdness and surprises; filled with stories from Betty's job as a flight attendant and her love for solo travelling, animals, snorkeling, getting to know the locals and adventure.

Along with her own flight attendant stories she collects them from pilots, other flight attendants & people she meets on her travels. She's experienced so many amazing places including seeing lemurs in Madagascar, swimming with pigs & jellyfish, Easter Island, Tarsiers in Sulawesi, Indonesia and mud-larking in London to name a few; listening to the podcast it feels like I've been on an around the world trip myself!

I made this illustration because I love Betty & her podcast so much; it's Betty with her recorder surrounded by a few of her stories including lemurs, bees, a turtle enjoying the view, the beverage cart, naked passengers and sanitizing vodka.

Thanks Betty for letting us travel the world together with you & here's to the next ten years of podcasting!

Go here to Betty's website to listen & subscribe.

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