Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fabric Finds

Lately I've been getting into embroidery and sewing and have started collecting fabric pieces and scraps to use in projects. There's something so beautiful about finding something you love often that others have thrown away (most of these were found on ebay or in charity shops) and using it to create something functional you love (well when I get round to it). Here's what I found:-

 Kimono Silk flowers piece came all the way from Tokamachi, Nigatta, Japan from PetitJapan

Pink Flower Furoshiki

 More Kimono silk strips, such beautiful colours and patterns (it's also fun to imagine who wore them, why and when!)

Metallic Stripes

Silk Stripes from France (that are actually culottes!)

Blue specks 

and this amazing one of tree branches, rocks and gemstones!

Now what should I make with them all?!

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