Friday, 24 May 2013

Fashion Fridays: Minimalism

Cos  | Vintage - Dear Golden Etsy

I love minimalism whether it's in art, design, architecture, food and fashion. By paring things down to the simplicity, details are really allowed to be the center of attention. In our present society where materiality, power and wealth seem to be constantly pushed down our throats as what we should be attaining in our lives, it's great to find things that are simple, useful and honest... and beautiful, just ok to be what they are and to help you live in the moment.
'Forever is composed of nows' - Emily Dickinson

So here's a few pieces that would make me slow down, breathe and live in the now:  & Other Stories | A-Line Dress
Uzi | & Other Stories

Lanvin | Vintage - Dear Golden on Etsy

{Update: This post has changed from the original, some links were lost}

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