Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Recovering the Classics: Heart of Darkness


Recovering the Classics is a new project by Creative Action Network (the guys behind the great Design for Obama project) which encompasses 50 classic books which are all in the public domain, and while you can get them free through Project Gutenberg, the covers are pretty hideous, generic and boring. So designers and illustrators have been asked to create new, well-designed and exciting interpretations to put some visual life back into some well-loved classics, that perhaps you haven't got round to yet? (neither have I for most of them).

I was asked to create a cover, so I chose 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad and it's just been released, you can buy it here as an ebook or a paperback (the Harvard Bookstore will print it for you!). My cover deals with how the evils of man can never be escaped in the mind, as Marlow finds out!


My cover was also featured on Huffington Post Books, Betabeat, Fast Company Design, paidContent, Publisher's Weekly, figment and Actua Litte (in french!) with articles promoting the project! along with the Creative Action Network emailer! Thanks :)


Submissions are now open to all so why not contribute your own?

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