Friday, 12 March 2010

USA Map Drawing + Bookmooch

Here's a sneak peek of a map drawing I'm working on, my largest one to date so it's taking a while. It's off the Central States of the USA and I'm blacking out alternate sections of land so it takes on a checkboard feel. I love finding maps randomly and spontaneously and this one was no exception found in a clearance sale. There was lots of this map and I wonder where the rest will end up? Maybe they'll travel the world, sit on a bookshelf or end up in the bin, not mine it's destined to be a drawing & sail the open sea!

That reminds me of Bookmooch which I've just joined it's an online book swap where you send books to get points which then allow you to request books, plus it lets your books have adventures and see new places and meet new people!

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