Thursday, 25 March 2010

Great news! My poster won!:)

I had some great news this week my gig poster won and is being used to advertise it on the band's myspace page, black cab sessions twitter and facebook pages and it will be printed for the venue on the night!!! I'm well excited, it was a really fun project for the great black cab sessions and a great band Dry the River.
If you want to know whats going on, alright then I'll try to explain, I love drawing bison ever since seeing a documentary on Yellowstone last year, they're quite amazing animals and since Dry the River had a bison on their myspace page it just clicked. Then we have a book, my fave Dry the River song is 'History Book' so we just had to have one, next are glasses, one of the band wears glasses, simple. A hand is up next, its supposed to be a plaster cast of one, you need a hand to play guitar right? unless your bob from (early) idlewild! These are then all piled onto a swirly river for Dry the River! phew, not that that explains much...
p.s the little man is for Whole Schebang, support bands are always left out on posters.


  1. Hi Lou, sorry I missed this! Congratulations on the win, it looks fantastic. Love the Bison...

  2. thanks, i love bison can't stop drawing them now!