Monday, 1 February 2016

January Drawing & Films


To get myself drawing more I'm joining in with 'Yay everyday 2016' a drawing project which details a different prompt for each day. While I can't do it everyday, I'm just focusing on ones I find interesting & have a quick idea for; these are what I did in January. I post them to my instagram & all are at #yayeveryday2016. Here's the prompts for February if you fancy joining in.
 {posters from imdb}

I've also pledged to do a campaign called '52 Women in Film' where you watch a film created by a woman every week for 2016. It's a fun little project started by Women in Film to bring more attention and therefore opportunity to women in film.

I found out about this late so watched two films in my first week: Marie Antoniette directed by Sofia Coppola & Night Moves by Kelly Reichardt, I then watched The Kids Are All Right by Lisa Chodolenko & Les Beaux Jours by Marion Vernoux. 

Next on my list to watch is Frida by Julie Taymor. What will you watch?

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