Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Custom Embroidered Book Bags

After first creating my Haruki Murakami Book Stack Bag for my etsy shop I started creating Custom Book Stack Tote Bags where you can choose your own 6 books/Authors. Here's a look at a few of the embroidered book bags I've been creating over the last few months. . .


I love seeing what books people choose and I get to add even more great books and authors to my to-read-list!

I got to embroider my favourite trilogy 'His Dark Materials', must reread it this year as it is 20 years since it was written! (love these scholastic special editions)

Here's me with my original Haruki Murakami Bag out in the garden.

I also did a special 7 book version for my sister, a huge Harry Potter fan!


and here's one I did of 6 Neil Gaiman books out in the wilds of a library!

What books would you choose on yours?

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