Friday, 6 June 2014

Book a Day: Week 1

Have you heard about Book a Day? It's a little fun project organized by The Borough Press to encourage the sharing and discussion of books on your bookshelves through a fun category everyday in June. Here's my books for the first week: June 1- My fave books from childhood have to be Jayne Fisher's Garden Gang Series, who could resist a lemon called Lawrence wearing a hat? and she started writing & illustrating them when she was only 9! June 2 - A bargain book I found and love is this little hardbook with beautifully illustrated spiders, it was a steal at only 80p!

 June 3- My book with a blue cover is this amazing shimmery mirrored blue cover containing the most amazing book of strength and determination which was dictated by the author one letter at a time through blinking! June 4 - Least fave book by a fave author is the gum thief which I couldn't get into & has the most boring book within the book!


June 5 - Wild Swans doesn't belong to me but I love it so much and the owner (my sister!) hasn't asked for it back yet so I'll hang on to it to reread it. June 6 - I don't really give a book over and over again as a gift but I'd give this Murakami book as a gift, accessible introduction to a great, great author with great advice.

If you want to join in, check out the list
 of categories for each day!

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