Saturday, 25 June 2011

London: art, music, design, tennis

I've been down to London a few times recently to see family and friends, art, tennis and music!

First off I went to the Design Museum to see the Wim Crouwel exhibition, there's lots of great posters, exhibition catalogues, logos and I love his new alphabet which was used on Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' & 'Substance' LP's!

Wim Crouwel Posters

Then I also made it to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, while there's nothing much in it, it's just a creation of where he lived it's full of charm and some interesting objects including a gun hidden in a bible and an old vaccum cleaner. I loved the conservatory room where the shop is located, I read a couple of Sherlock stories at school, the one I most remember being 'The Speckled Band' must read some more, anyone got any other favourites?

I also saw the Miro exhibition at Tate Modern which is amazing, he first made an impression on me 10 years ago when I went to the Joan Miro Foundation Museum in Barcelona. I loved seeing his early paintings which were more illustration works of the family farm and his progression through his small paintings which were my favourites including thi one below 'Seated Personnages' & 'Personnages and Mountains'

I also got a chance to see one of my favourite artists play at the Barbican- Ryan Adams it was amazing, he played for 2 hours, the piano, the new songs, that voice, the harmonica, a whiskeytown song, that voice! (I got to see him in Manchester too! and see Kan Yasuda's Ishinki Touchstone sculpture which I love)

Then I went to Wimbledon for the tennis on Day 2 and got to see Petkovic, Del Potro (in picture below), Baghdatis, Blake, & I'm off there again next week to camp and get onto Centre Court! Phew I have been busy lately!

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