Friday, 1 April 2011

Mike Landy Art World Portraits

Last weekend I was in London and popped into the National Portrait Gallery my favourites were the small room exhibitions each on a different theme. There were Sarah Lucas' portraits with fried eggs and photographs of 'Englishmen in New York' but I loved the quietness and explosiveness of each art world character drawn by Michael Landy. They included artists such as Gillian Wearing (top drawing) and the Curator/Gallerist Carl Freedman (2nd drawing) as well as a self portrait (3rd drawing).

They are each accompanied with notes of what the sitter was like and what Landy remembers of the day he drew them. The detail in them is staggering and all done in a pencil, they're so fresh and yet heavily laboured at the same time. If you're in London get over to see them they're on till 17th July 2011.

(click on images to see where they came from)

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